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[well-insulated homes have reduced heating and cooling loads]

The complete addition was super-insulated:
Minimal R values are calculated to be: Walls - R 35; Roof - R 50; Floor - R 36 -  This is about twice the R-value
required by the new 2009 Energy Code, and pretty close to the values championed by the 'Passive House' people.

- steel framework (2x6 studs, 2x8 joists) was filled with 6-8" of non-hygroscopic mineral fiber or rockwool on interior
side; every penetration was completely sealed off to create an airtight interior envelope
- exterior layering consists of marine grade 3/4" plywood, 2 layers of roofing felt,  2" of XPS sealed and taped (to
break termal bridging) and covered by a layer of Tyvek; on top of Tyvek we installed 3/4" furring strips, wire lath and
about 1" of Stucco; the open space between furring strips creates a natural drain plan for the accumulated moisture
in the stucco and promotes ventilation and quicker drying; we assured air spaces to stay free from stucco baseecoat
by inserting old fashioned 3/4" natural rope in a looping fashion (it will eventually rot out, which is the whole
- roof consists of additional 4" of XPS covered by a recovery board layer and 60 mil of White Reflective EPDM
roofing; white reflective EPDM significantly cuts down on the heatgain of standard black (or even silver) rooftops,
and thereby reduces the cooling load, and thus further saves energy
- floor (exposed to open space underneath) was insulated by 4" of rockwool, 4" of XPS, Tyvek
and covered by 1/2" sealed cement board
- a small hot water radiator to supply heat, engulfed in reflective aluminum sheathing for maximum radiation
towards inside and minimal heat loss

Windows and Doors
[well-insulated doors and windows lower heating and cooling loads]

- super insulated windows and doors to meet and exceed new Energy Code, and apply for 2009 Tax Rebate

Daylighting and Passive Ventilation
[natural light  and passive ventilation reduce electricity needs]

- operable skylight for natural (passive) ventilation, daylighting to lower electricity use; an electric full shade blind to
minimize unwanted heat gain

[the construction industry is a major contributor to garbage landfills; reducing garbage by recycling materials can
reduce the construction waste output by at least  30-40% and requires less renewable resources]

- recycling of existing doors and deck planks for use in summer house and/or other projects
-recycling  of bracing materials into new floor joists and other projects
-recycling of non-contaminated organic demolition materials into compost

Low VOC paints, glues
[standard products tend to off-gas for many months after construction has been completed; using low-VOC products
creates better air-quality]
    - use of low VOC paints where possible
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