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VR DesignBuild LLC, with a focus on design, construction and renovation, has been established in 2005
by owner  Marcel van Rootselaar after branching out from Van Rootselaar Interiors Inc, a high-end painting, plastering and
specialty finishes company he formed in 2001.

The company philosophy continues to be to genuinely provide the client with the best possible service,
and in the process create something of beauty.

"live in beauty" is not just a reference to the beautiful  spaces we collaborate on,
but refers as well to the design and construction process itself, the relationship we forge with the client, the way we hire and manage our
mechanics and artisans. It means we emphasize
communication at all stages of the project; it means we will search for the most functional yet
most aesthetic solution
to a particular design problem; it means we will utilize the best "green building techniques" to create a superior product,
no matter if that technique is hundreds of years old or the newest technological invention;
it means we will search for that perfect texture, color or shading;
it means, we will always
go the extra mile to "get it right" for the client.

By combining his extensive experience in renovations and specialty finishes with his artistic sensibilities honed as a formally trained and active
composer and musician Marcel has led the companies to indeed start embodying a
live in beauty mantra, and with that, attract a growing group
of dedicated clients who so far have kept us working right through the economic downturn.

We're thankful for that.
"We give him the highest recommendation.!..."   
Samuel B., Brooklyn
VR DesignBuild LLC is fully licensed, bonded and insured and
is certified in compliance with the new
EPA lead-safe regulations
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Licensed as Home Improvement Contractor with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs - License 1298893
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